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How I react to emotional experiences or situations: I am very responsive and inclined to react immediately. My thinking processes are as follows: Analytical I am capable of sorting ideas and facts to determine their value. Exploratory: Available information does not satisfy me. I feel I must investigate for myself. Comprehensive: I am quick to understand and often do not require detailed explanations. Cumulative: I slowly accumulate information and am capable of reaching an accurate conclusion. My goals: l
like to plan for the future. My goals may or may not become realities depending upon other influencing traits. My goals are more practical and within my reach since I like to have assurances of success. Dignity: I have a quality of being worthy of esteem. Fluidity: I have the ability to think smoothly. Generosity: I am willing to share. My imagination: I have the ability to create mental images that are apart from the material or practical, including the understanding of ideas, theories, and philosophies very actively. My general aptitude with regard to cultural trends are as follows: Artistic, creative, literary, musical, manual dexterity, and showmanship.Other important characteristic are neither :good" or "bad" in themselves. Each characteristic becomes meaningful only when carefully evaluated with the other present in my personality. Broad mindedness: I am willing to tolerate the ideas of others.