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Program Description

Program Model Description
The Comprehensive Gifted Program (CGP) model is structured to provide rigorous, accelerated, enriched, and differentiated instruction to high-performing students in magnet and neighborhood schools.  These high-performing students are identified by standardized criteria and are placed into a classroom that accelerates all curricular areas by .5 year to a full year.  A building gifted committee (BGC) is established to maintain the program management at the building level. Monthly BGC meetings are best held after attendance at Administrative Council (AdCo) Meetings.  Under the guidance of the building gifted representative, the building gifted committee members commit to collaborate monthly to determine the level of acceleration, to monitor quarterly student success, to attend monthly Administrative Council (AdCo) meetings, and to transfer monthly AdCo information back to the teachers in CGP classrooms.  High levels of transference from AdCos to BGCs are an expectation for the successful implementation of this program for advanced learners.