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Gifted Program FAQ's

How is the gifted classroom differentiated from the standard classroom?
The instructional strategies that are designed for the gifted learner include: Real -world problem solving with real-world application, creativity and innovation developed from play, critical thinking using Richard Paul's Reasoning Web, Habits of Mind, and the Study of Human Value Systems through Ethical Reasoning and Ethical Drifting, as well as developing the practice  of Promoting Global Unity through Empathy and the Understanding of Vulnerability.

How are teachers eligible for being assigned as the gifted teacher?
Teachers are high-quality service providers that are trained to meet the unique learning needs of gifted/talented children through  GES (Gifted Education Seminar) a 45-hour seminar that investigates modules that trains teachers in knowing and understanding the gifted child, as well as how to employ  strategies to meet these unique learners. Additionally, teachers participate in on-going differentiated workshop sessions that are embedded in research and are built with interactive learning activities that can be  brought  immediately into the classroom.