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Gifted Teachers

The Comprehension Gifted Program Model at Ella Flagg Young begins at first grade this year and extends to fourth grade. Each year an additional grade will be added.
Who are the gifted teachers at Ella Flagg Young?

First Grade:
Ms. Amber Brutzkus
Room 227

Second Grade:
Miss Contessa Griffin
Room 329

Third Grade:
Mrs. Christine Bisbikis
Room 341

Fourth Grade:
Mrs. Chynine Richardson-Simmons
Room 302

Fifth Grade:
Mrs. Bitoy Miller
Room 306

Sixth Grade:
Miss Stacey Christmas
Room 203

Seventh Grade:
Ms.Tenna Davis
Room 205

Eighth Grade:

Gifted Coordinator:
Ms. Tontaneshia L. Jones
Literacy Specialist K-8
Primary Office and Room 207